How can I test the backup function of my Evergen Alpha ESS system?

With Evergen's backup option, the Alpha ESS system can provide energy from your battery and solar panels through the backup circuits, but it requires a manual changeover.

The manual changeover switch is located in your main meter board and labelled as Stand Alone Power Supply. Usually, it is turned off. In case of a power outage, the backup switch needs to be turned on (switched from GRID to BATTERY), and then the circuits connected to the backup will be supplied with power from the battery.


Testing the backup functionality

If you would like to test your backup, e.g. before a scheduled power outage, follow the below instructions:

  1. Check the battery state of charge (SOC) on your Evergen app or on the unit to ensure that there is enough energy stored to provide backup. You should have at least 15% SOC.
  2. Turn off the main supply switch to your house (usually located in your main meter board).
  3. Switch the manual changeover switch (usually labelled as Stand Alone Power Supply) from GRID to BACKUP.
    The backup circuits will be provided with power.
  4. Leave it for a couple of minutes so that you can check which circuits are connected to the backup (fridge, lights etc.) and if they are provided with power.
  5. To end the simulation, turn on the main supply switch in your main meter board.
    The Alpha unit will then run through some checks (first "Waiting", then it will count down from 60 to 0) and then go back to NORMAL.
  6. When the system is back to NORMAL, switch the manual changeover switch from BACKUP to GRID.

Note: There is the option to leave the backup on. However, depending on your household load and how much of it is going through that switch, it might cause the Backup switch to trip.


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team.