How accurate is Evergen’s data?

Evergen receives system telemetry data via our partnered battery Manufacturers’ APIs.  

This data is then used as the basis for metrics shown in our Evergen App and the Evergen Customer Portal. 

This data is received in at least 5 minute cycles.   

Battery systems each have electricity meters to provide these values. Different manufacturers have different classes of energy meter accuracy. 

The accuracy of the data displayed in the Evergen App/Portal is made up of and dependent upon a number of varying factors, including:

- metering accuracy,

 - reliability of the manufacturer’s data storage

 - level of aggregation applied to the data by both the hardware vendor and Evergen

- reliable internet connection to provide data each cycle between the battery system and the manufacturer; and

- reliable internet connection between the manufacturer and Evergen.

When comparing the Evergen data to your electricity bill there will always be a difference in the values caused by the above factors as well as time of day your meter was read. Your retailer smart meter is the most accurate data source as retailer meters, for billing purposes, must comply with relevant Australian laws. The National Energy Retail Rules stipulate that a retailer must bill customers based on a meter supplied by the metering coordinator.

For the above reasons, while Evergen makes every effort to ensure that it provides manufacturer’s data as efficiently as reasonably possible, Evergen cannot warrant that the data in our Evergen App and Evergen Customer Portal is completely accurate.  The data is provided “as is” and we disclaim any responsibility for errors or omissions in the data.