How do I choose a tariff structure that will benefit me?

The amount of savings that Evergen can generate will be different depending on what tariff structure you are on and the energy characteristics of your home.

Here are a couple of things to remember when choosing an electricity plan:

  • You need to be on a retail plan that provides you with a Time of Use (ToU) tariff, wholesale market exposure or peak demand tariff to allow Intelligent Control to work its magic
  • Look out for plans with a low off-peak rate and/or demand charge in comparison to others and a reasonable daily supply charge of 70-90 cents

While we cannot give advice on which retailer plan will be suitable for your needs, we can help guide you on what an attractive ToU you with choosing an energy plan, but a good place to start is the Government's free "Energy Made Easy" website. Unlike commercial comparison websites, this one shows ALL available tariffs in your area.