How to Identify which Model Alpha ESS system I have?

There are different models of Alpha ESS batteries including the Storion-Eco, Eco-S5, Smile V1 and Smile V2.

The Storion-Eco or Storion-S5 units are shown below-

                Alpha ECO                                 Alpha S5

                     Storion ECO                                                              ECO-S5

If your Unit is one of the above and have been asked to perform a reboot please follow the procedure here.

The Smile V1 and Smile V2 are shown below.

                   Smile 2

Both Smile Models look identical on the outside so we need to perform one last step to identify which model.

1. Please remove the below cover.

Alpha Smile snip

2. Now the cover is removed use the below images to determine the Version and follow the reboot link is required.


     Smile V1 - Reboot procedure link                               Smile V2 - Reboot Procedure Link

If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team.