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How to reboot the Alpha ESS Smile-5 V2 system

To reboot your Evergen Alpha Version 2 battery system please follow the below procedure:


Please note if you are not confident that you have a Smile V2 system please check here before completing the reboot.

1. Ensure that all switches in your meter board are turned on:
  • main switch grid supply
  • main switch inverter supply, and
  • main switch backup supply(if applicable)

2. Turn off the battery module/s by pressing and holding the battery button on the top module for 10 secomds. The lights on all the battery modules should now be off.

3. Remove the cover of the Alpha super cable box (second from top) by sliding it towards you and then place it on the ground.

4. Open the Battery Isolator Cover & turn off the Battery Isolator switch.

5. Turn off the Grid Isolator, Backup Isolator and the PV isolator switch, which are either located to the left or right of your unit.

6. Allow 30 seconds for the system to fully shutdown before proceeding to the Turn On steps below.

Hint - try and complete steps 7-9 within 20 seconds of each other.
7. Turn On your PV isolator switch, the Grid switch and the Backup switch, which are either located to the left or right of your unit.

8. Turn on the Battery Isolator switch.

9. Turn on the battery module/s by pressing the battery button once starting from the top module if you have multiple batteries. A ring around the button will light up green.

10. Allow 2 minutes for startup & check the Alpha screen and if the Normal status LED light is on.

11. Close the Battery Isolator cover and slide the Cover back onto the unit.

Please let us know once you have rebooted your system and advise if there is anything different to Normal on the Inverter screen.

If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team.