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I already have an app for my solar and battery system. Do I need to keep/use both apps?

You may have your own reasons for using one or the other (or both), but our app will give you access to:

  • Real-time performance of your system
  • Historical data for your system
  • Alerts and notifications regarding any VPP events that occur due to a VPP you may be participating in
  • Tips on how to save on energy in your home
  • Ability to update your electricity tariff information

One instance where you may decide to use both apps is if your non-Evergen app can be used to control the back-up settings for your battery system. Using Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries as an example, the Tesla app can be used to set your desired back-up reserve (this is the amount of your battery you choose to only be used during a power outage).