Steps to self-register and enable access to your Tesla app - Evergen

Once your system has been installed, you will be sent an automated email by Tesla that provides you with information on how to activate your Tesla app. If you haven't received an email, you can self-register.

There is an easy way to self-register and enable access to your Tesla app. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the online form with your details.
  3. Enter the Tesla gateway part number (TPN) and serial number (TSN).

Note: The gateway part number and the serial number can be found inside your Tesla gateway device. The two numbers are located next to the QR code on the top left of that label. 



Once you have downloaded your Tesla app, make sure that the Tesla app reflects your tariff structure (Reflect your tariff structure on the Tesla app).


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team.