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If a customer is planning to install hybrid storage systems across separate phases, can these be optimised in tandem?

This information relates to multi-phase homes with storage installed on separate phases.

Here's the situation... You have a customer come to you for a quote who wants maximum energy coverage for their three-phase home. 
To achieve this outcome, they ask you to provide a quote for the following system configuration:
  • A hybrid storage system installed on phase A with PV
  • A second hybrid storage system installed on phase B with PV; all with
  • Evergen IC applied to optimise their storage

In this instance, a 'master-slave' function may not be available by the hardware manufacturer meaning both hybrid storage systems will continue to operate on their own accord (and not in sync).

In fact, the two systems may compete with each other (if monitoring all phases), or not capture the entire site (if metering separate phases).

All in all, connecting IC to the hybrid storage system on phase A, will not be able to optimise the system on phase B in tandem due to limitations of the hardware manufacture's energy management system.


What we recommend:

We recommend you first consult hardware manufacturers before installing this kind of configuration to understand how their system will behave when a third party is set to optimise their storage.

For the purposes of Evergen IC, we recommend that customers who wish to have larger storage for their multi-phase home have both battery modules connected to a single hybrid inverter ONLY.
For customers that have the above exisiting storage configuration:
  • Their batteries aren't able to be optimised by Evergen IC
  • Data can still be collected from one battery and sent to a governing body for the purpose of claiming rebates and abiding by scheme guidelines
For any advice or questions on how this may relate to your customers, please reach out to us.