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What are the benefits of connecting a battery to Intelligent Control?

There are six key benefits to connecting a solar and battery system to Intelligent Control:

  1. Our platform is free for life for consumers.
  2. No extra hardware to purchase or install as our technology is cloud-based.
  3. Consumers save an additional 26.4% (on average) off their electricity bills through Intelligent Control battery optimisation. 
  4. A property with Intelligent Control also has the option to join an eligible Virtual Power Plant. [Watch our VPP explainer video here]. If they choose to register for a VPP in the future their battery supports other properties with clean energy during times of high demand, and they are incentivised for participation. 
  5. Customers have visibility of their energy optimisation between solar, battery and the grid through the Evergen app or web portal. 
  6. Your customers are always supported by our Tier 1 support team.