What do I do if I notice my Tesla system is offline?

Occasionally, your Tesla system may appear offline. Evergen will contact you if this happens. However, if you notice beforehand, please check your connection and reboot.

Check if you have internet connection:
    • Check your router and if the cable that goes to the unit is plugged in.
    • Reboot your router if necessary.
    • Plug the ethernet cable into a different port.
    • Check if you are receiving current data on your Tesla app.
    • If you have internet connection, please reboot your system.
To reboot your system:
1. Turn off the Powerwall by setting its "ON"/"OFF" switch to the "OFF" position.


2. Turn off the AC isolator located next to your Powerwall.

3. Turn off the normal supply main switch to the house (usually located in your main meter board).

4. Wait a few minutes.

5. Turn on your Powerwall and then the AC isolator switch next to it.

6. Turn on the normal supply main switch.

7. Wait a couple of minutes and then check if the LED indicator is on and shows a constant light or appears to be 'breathing'. You should now receive current data on your Tesla app.


If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service team.